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Our Smart Listing

Smart Listing

Our Listing Advantage “Smart Listing”

What is a “Smart Listing”?
(available for homes over $600,000)
Our popular “Smart Listing” keeps the savings on the Listing Side (1.5%), and the Excitement on the Buyer’s Side (2.5%)… PLUS, the Buyer’s Side also drops to Just 1.5%, if we also represent the Buyer! (Variable Rate). This is written into the Listing Agreement. So – the average $2.5M Luxury Home will SAVE $75,000 in closing fees! 🙂 = “Smart Listing

… as of today 4/4/23 ~ In Scottsdale 85266 (for example), (26) Luxury Homes ($1.5M+) have closed in the past 3 months (See Here). The “average” closing of $2,060,000, would SAVE $61,800 with our “Smart Listing” program. Call today, we’d love to hear from you. 🙂 (480) 208-7955

Home Warranty Included (Seller’s Coverage)
(American Home Shield)
ALL of our listings also include “Seller’s Coverage” (for free). This also turns into a full 1-Year Home Warranty that we offer to the Buyer (for Free). This is a great tool, as many items are discovered during the INSPECTION… that will be covered by the Seller’s Coverage. (Slow Drains, low A/C Temp Split…) for example.

We are also able to announce in the listing – that “This Home Comes with a New 1-Year Home Warranty“. All part of our package and free to both buyer and seller. 🙂